©Greg Lief
©Greg Lief

Dog Mountain

Western Gorge, washington

Dog Mountain is a popular hike due to its easy access in the Gorge, beautiful views, and relatively short distance. Don’t let the distance and low elevation fool you, however; the trails are very steep and will require some fitness and perseverance. This loop is known for prime wildflower viewing in May and June, but hikes in the summer and fall are rewarding as well.

Trail Map

Driving Directions

Dog Mountain Trailhead: Take I-84 out to Cascade Locks and cross the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. Turn right heading east on highway 14. Pass through the town of Stevenson then past Wind Mountain. The trailhead is at milepost 53. Turn off into the large dirt parking lot. The Dog Mountain trail heads off to the right. The Augspurger Trail leaves from the same place headed up the hill to the west. This can be a busy lot during the spring and summer months.

Hike Information:

  • Type of Hike: loop
  • Length: 6.9 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 2820
  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Restroom Facilities: Yes
  • Fees and Regulations: NW Forest Pass


  • Beautiful Views

Difficulty Levels

Gorge Walk/Easy: Up to 3 miles, less than 700 ft. elevation gain
Moderate: Up to 5 miles, less than 1,200 ft. elevation gain
Strenuous/Difficult: Up to 10 miles, up to 2,500 ft. elevation gain
Rugged: Over 10 miles, steep trail, over 2,500 feet elevation gain


Trail maps are courtesy of NWHiker.org. Hike descriptions were collaboratively written with the generous support of Portlandhikers.org.

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