Hike Leaders & Shepherds

Friends’ volunteer hike leaders and shepherds make our guided hike program possible. They enjoy sharing their knowledge, passion, and stewardship ethic for the Gorge on every hike they lead. Because of  friends like these, our hike program is set apart from the rest as every outing has an educational focus or theme.

  • I will encourage and demonstrate conservation, outdoor safety, and responsible recreation;
  • I will support Friends' mission, regardless of my personal opinions;
  • I will share my expertise with those who seek it;
  • I understand it's okay to say "I don't know" and can redirect questions to Friends staff.
  Hike Leader & Shepherd Documents

How to Become a Hike Leader or Shepherd

  1. Submit a completed Volunteer Interest Survey to let us know more about your interests and experiences (new volunteers only);
  2. Attend at least two Friends outings as a participant. View current schedule at gorgefriends.org/hikes;
  3. Attend a Hike Leader & Shepherd Training at least every three years, offered each spring and fall;
  4. Read the Hike Leader & Shepherd Manual entirely and sign the agreement at the end of the document;
  5. Co-shepherd (shadow) at least one outing;
  6. Get certified in basic First Aid & CPR* (required). Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is more extensive and can be taken in place of basic First Aid, though not required.
  7. Now you're ready to lead or shepherd outings on your own!

*Friends will subsidize fees for all hike leaders and shepherds to get First Aid & CPR certified. Subsidy available if you have attended a Hike Leader & Shepherd Training within the last two years and if you have already volunteered on two or more outings as a shepherd or leader.  We expect that you will lead or shepherd three or more outings within the two years your certification remains current. Maximum allowance of one subsidy every two years, per person. 

  • Basic First Aid & CPR
    • Friends can reimburse you up to $60 for your course fee upon receiving a copy of receipt and certification. Friends no longer schedules or sponsors Basic First Aid & CPR courses as of January, 2020.
  • Wilderness First Aid + CPR
    • Friends subsidizes $60 of the fee when you register for a Friends-sponsored WFA + CPR course. Request discount code for registration.
    • Friends can reimburse you up to $60 if you take an outside course. You must submit a copy of receipt and certification. Note: if it does not also include CPR, you still need to get CPR certified.

Questions? Contact Outdoor Programs & Communications Specialist Melissa Gonzalez:

971-634-1265 |  hikes@gorgefriends.org